👋🏼 Hi,
I am David

who designs for systems and designs with systems.

Me at Beachy Head.

👉🏼 About me

I am a young, creative thinker based in Veszprem, Hungary who loves technology and design. I have a degree in IT Engineering with a Web Developer certificate, making the internet as my comfort zone. I have designed an industry-leading security software interface, and I am currently working at Tulip, designing a SaaS Platform for frontline operations.

In my work, I look for simple solutions that scales to solve multiple problems.

🗺 My journey

Since these ugly and horrible websites were a perfect example of how to not design and deploy a website, my career got a clear direction towards web development with a front-end focus. I have started creating home- and university projects but they all had a common issue that always got me thinking: why do my classmate's work does not make sense?

I like photography, especially nature and landscape photos and probably that's why I am looking for the beauty in the things I use. However, beauty is nothing if it does not have any function, aesthetic products do not save the world - and our world needs saving. I am looking into the whys for everything I use, and I love simplicity: getting the thing done easily and fast. With this attitude, I helped my classmates to make their ideas understandable for their users.

Later it turned out it is called Human-centered design.

👨🏼‍💻 A coder who designs

I have started my career as a front-end engineer at a startup called Balabit. Here I learned how to build and maintain secure web applications, how to fit into an Agile workflow, do sprint plannings, and how to live a general developer life. I learned a lot, participated in global hackathons, won a few of them where I could design our "product".

👨🏼‍🎨 A designer who codes

I have realized that most of my developer friends are focusing on the problem they have to solve, and they solved the problem as an engineering challenge. They often resulted in beautifully architected applications that users can't understand, making their problem extended with an additional engineering jargon filled obstacle.

🧱 Design systems

The designs I work on start at the user's problem and ends as a solution that works as they expected. Designing with Design systems have the power of translating user journeys to screens and interactions that can be learned, adapted and extended. Design systems also set expectations for users, delivering a consistent user experience across the product.

📷 Creative engineering

Being an engineer and a creative at the same time I enjoy things, that requires these two traits. In my free time, I enjoy getting out to the nature, hiking and explore places I have never been before.

It's often my camera what leads me to unique destinations; creating art with an engineering masterpiece - chasing and capturing the light is both physical, mathematical challenge that results beauty.


Here you can find me:

I've created this site usingGatsbyand deployed on Netlify.